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Table for 6™ Topics

The following topics are "plug-and-play" ready-to-go topics for any Table for 6™ event. The topic and 4-5 questions are predetermined for you to use at your next Table for 6™ event!

Being Assertive Without Being a B*****

How can you be assertive without coming across like a total B?


Most of us feel empowered and thankful to have women by our sides, women to support us, lead us, and on our teams. Depending on the group, this can create a dynamic force, or, depending on what is going on, can be a breeding ground for cattiness. Do you find yourself being catty with your colleagues? Does it impede the goals of the group? How do you manage it, and how can you come together to resolve it ... whether it's you or another?

Client Entertainment

There’s nothing to stop women from playing golf, but many don’t. Salesmen and c-suite have enjoyed using golf and sporting events as a client relationship-building tool for years. It seems silly, but for those who don’t play, it could give counterparts who do play an advantage in business relationships. How does golf/sports affect your sales and relationships vs. our male counterparts? What engagement activities do you with clients?

Cultivating Connection

In a world where we're "always on," it can feel like we're less connected than ever. How can bringing intentionality to our interactions help cultivate a deeper connection to others and even to ourselves? How can we make meaningful connections in our personal and professional lives when geography and calendars get in the way? We'll discuss struggles, successes, and share practical tips for nurturing the connections that matter.

Discrimination (s) That Saleswomen Face

Being a woman in sales can create situations of discrimination in ways outside (or in addition to) racial or religious discrimination. This discussion is to share experiences and discuss ways navigate these scenarios.

Embracing Authenticity

In today’s current world, there’s been a push to embrace authenticity yet many women struggle with taking this full on, especially as they battle imposter syndrome in their workplace. We’ll discuss stories and strategies to practice letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we truly are.


This year has been challenging and rewarding in so many ways. Let’s chat about the things we're grateful for, want to celebrate, or change for next year (or month, or season). It's all about celebrating wins with like minded ladies.

Finding a Sponsor: How to Identify Your Workplace Wingperson

Finding a sponsor within your organization is imperative for career progression. Mentors can build your self-esteem and provide a sounding board - however finding a corporate sponsor is equally important.  If you’re interested in fast-tracking your career, what you need is a sponsor - a senior-level champion who believes in your potential and is willing to advocate for that next raise or promotion.

Navigating Corporate Politics

No one tells you that there is an entire world of office politics when you get to a new job. These politics can determine your reputation, your chances for promotion and even keeping your job! Join us as we discuss ways to best manage corporate politics.

Our Bodies,
Our Business

How Does Your Body Image Affect Your Career? By the time young women reach 17, a whopping 78% of us are unhappy with our bodies and at least half of adult women suffer from some form of body dysmorphia.

We'll be proudly showing up as our true selves and having a frank conversation about how our body images impact our life and career behaviors and what we can do to help all women love themselves.

Taking a Seat at the Table

As Women we are sometimes challenged by our male counterparts to be recognized for a role. This discussion will be focused on how we overcome this obstacle and how do we take our seat at the table.

The Power of Vulnerability

Vulnerability can be seen as a weakness .. but what if you can use it to your advantage? Expressing vulnerability in the right way can be a powerful tool in your organization or with customers. Author Brene Brown says, “when you shut down vulnerability, you shut down opportunity.” In what ways can we show up as vulnerable?


How do you go about planning your  year? Do you have a vision for yourself? How will you make sure you don't get in your own way? We all start out with great intentions going into the new year, how can we keep it going? Maybe you have put together a Vision Board or created a list of goals. It doesn't matter your method - we will chat about what motivates us to get focused and stay focused the whole year through.

What is Your Personal Brand?

The definition of a personal brand is a widely-recognized and largely-uniform perception or impression of an individual based on their experience, expertise, competencies, actions and/or achievements within a community, industry, or the marketplace at large. Why is a personal brand important and how can it help (or hurt) your prospects in work and personal life?

Women and Competition

Why do women feel the need to compete with one another? Why is normal, healthy conflict between women often seen as a catfight? And what steps can we take to eliminate or resolve these feelings/situations? 

Your Career is a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder

Stats have shown that people change careers roughly 5-7 times in  their lifetime. Gone are the days where people spend 40 years of their  career with one company. In an age where networking and building  personal relationships is the norm, many will find that their career  does not need to be a linear path. It’s more about looking  for opportunities that allow you to grow, impact and have a mission.  “Move sideways, move down, move on, move of. Build your skills, not your  resume.” -Sheryl Sandberg

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