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February 16, 2023 at 8:00:00 PM

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Contact: Nancy Shenker

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AZ Professional Women's Group Tackles Bias at Unique "Unfiltered" Dinner


AZ Professional Women’s Group Tackles Bias
at Unique “Unfiltered” Dinner

Scottsdale, AZ – February 15, 2023. A veteran minority MLM businesswoman, an >50 Jewish founder from NY, a non-binary person in transition, and a gay married professional walk into a bar….That’s not the start of a joke. It’s just a glimpse into an actual business event.

Nancy A Shenker (Board member and Phoenix ambassador for Society of Saleswomen (SOS)), and Tonya Mack, (a Rodan & Fields consultant and former Air Force officer), will co-host a “Table for 12,” an informal dinner where a frank and no-holds-barred discussion of diversity and inclusion in Phoenix will be on the menu.

What: “Sisterly Love” from the Society of Saleswomen Phoenix chapter
When: February 22nd at 5:30 pm
Where: Blanco Cocina & Cantina at Biltmore Fashion Park. (The restaurant was selected because the date happens to be National Margarita Day.)
Cost: No admission fee. Just individual drink and dinner expense

Says Shenker, “Moving from New York to Scottsdale has been a massive adjustment for me over the past five years. I’m over 50, work in tech, and have an East Coast vibe. As a more diverse population enters our state, understanding and respecting similarities and differences becomes even more important. Many DEI gatherings merely scratch the surface. In keeping with the SOS philosophy, this will be an open and honest conversation about how we can better understand and respect each other -- and get in touch with our own biases and perceptions.”

Mack adds, “I’m also new to the Valley, and as a black woman in the MLM industry, I’m working hard to change perceptions about many things -- including the business in which I work.”

Since 2020, SOS has hosted eight Tables in the Phoenix area, including a Table for 20 at a hotel pool, where women of all sizes, ages, and professions gathered in bathing suits and discussed how body image impacts work performance. March’s Table for Six will deal with why so few women become millionaires and how we can overcome that. In addition to tackling challenging issues, these gatherings enable professional women (and the occasional male attendee) to make business connections with like-minded people in a casual and safe environment.

About SOS
SOS is a 501c-3 non-profit started in LA in 2020 as an alternative to “traditional” professional women’s organizations. It was initially launched to support women in sales careers but has since expanded to include all functions. Its mission is: “We are collaborative, inclusive, come-as-you-are modern working professionals. Share your voice, time, and ❤️” It has about 1,000 members worldwide. Board members are Jessica Wiederhorn (Co-Founder), Cindy Lien Truong (Co-Founder), Nancy A Shenker (CMO and Creative Director and Phoenix ambassador), and Donna Palmer, Membership Director. Volunteers are Lauren Brown (Content Marketing Specialist), Dani Donovan (Global Networking Coordinator), and Andrea Pereira (Community Lead, Book Club). The organization hosts both live and virtual events globally.


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