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March 20, 2021 at 7:00:00 AM

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Contact: Nancy Shenker

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Despite Strong Knowledge, Money Continues to be an Uncomfortable Topic for Women


New study reveals about 50% of women suffer from financial anxiety in their personal and professional lives

Los Angeles, California — In the new Society of Saleswomen (SOS) Sentiment Study on Money, about half of the 350 women surveyed expressed anxiety around talking about money.

The survey also found that women demonstrated a high level of understanding when it came to the language of money, like investing and accounting terminology, and the basics of personal finance.

These findings illustrate a dichotomy between the strong financial education opportunities for women and the challenges that remain.

Conversations around women and money in recent decades have focused on creating pathways to STEM-related learning, including finance, for women. Yet, the findings of the SOS Sentiment Study on Money point to a need, not only to create opportunities for financial literacy but also to equip women with the confidence to put that knowledge into action.

When asked if they are hesitant to ask for clarification when management discusses financial matters, less than half of all study participants stated they were confident in their financial knowledge.

To that end, SOS hosted “The Language of Money and Risk” on March 9. SOS seeks to create space for its members—from a diversity of age and backgrounds—to embrace a wide range of topics in an environment that invites curiosity and questions.

The speaker redefined financial risk for women and offered practical steps to put financial wisdom into practice by creating a team of financial experts to navigate personal and professional financial uncertainty.

Linguist-turned-financial-advisor encouraged the group, saying: “Once I got comfortable with the language of risk, I was able to make a lot better decisions, a lot more informed decisions. I was able to capitalize on opportunities faster and with more confidence.”


About Society of Saleswomen: Society of Saleswomen unites women in all sales disciplines. The mission is simple: cultivate an environment where women can be empowered to unify, connect, and support each other in their craft. The vision for SOS is to create a space where women in sales and entrepreneurship can discuss the unique experiences that affect them in sales and sales leadership roles. The organization provides tools, resources, support, and encouragement through in-person events, small dinner groups, digital access, and forums. All female or female-supportive/hiring members are welcome.


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