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February 27, 2023 at 1:00:00 PM

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Contact: Nancy Shenker

Society of Saleswomen


Diverse & Scrappy Team Reimagines the “Typical” Professional Women’s Group


SoS Creates a New Category of Women's Group

Los Angeles, CA – February 27, 2023. Women in the workplace are switching jobs at record rates and are still vastly underrepresented in leadership roles. Some are starting businesses and now comprise 42 percent of all entrepreneurial ventures. Since the pandemic, stress and burnout among working women have skyrocketed.

Two California women saw radical shifts in how women work and completely transformed the professional women’s organization, creating the Society of Saleswomen (SOS) in 2019. SOS then expanded globally and, in 2023, added two Board members and four volunteers.

This season includes new live events in Arizona and California, four virtual gatherings, and an online event for ex-pats and others outside the U.S. Members include C-level executives, sales leaders, recent college grads, entrepreneurs, and service providers and represent a wide range of industries, including food/beverage, technology, real estate, fashion, and 100 more.

Jessica Wiederhorn, SOS Co-founder and executive at Fat Brands, says, “Every woman sells something in their work life. Although SOS began as a support group specifically for women in sales, we now welcome ALL women. We differ from other women’s groups in many specific ways.” SOS is:
- Respectful of time limitations. SOS designs its programs for time-pressed professionals; women have even attended online events in pajamas and with kids/pets. “Come as you are” is part of SOS’s mission statement. SOS makes decisions quickly, and the organization’s by-laws are simple and easy to understand.
- Diverse and inclusive. Members range from 20s to 80s and come from all continents. SOS has a “no gossip” policy and is always welcoming.
- Empowering and fast-moving. As in fast-scaling tech companies, people with innovative ideas are encouraged to implement them with SOS.
- Committed to sustainability and automation. Conversations and planning take place via a Slack channel, and marketing via an integrated Wix system.

In addition to Board and volunteer additions (see below), 2023 announcements include:
- Expansion of the local Table for Six programs. These intimate “dine and discuss” gatherings around provocative and relevant topics, such as “Being Assertive without Being a B&*%^” and the new 2023 topic “Sisterly Love,” at which attendees tackle racism, ageism, and attitudes towards the LGBTQ population. To date, 24 meals have been hosted in six cities, covering more than 20 issues. Two expat members organized the first virtual Table for Six.
- Salon-style experiences and retreats. Arizona will continue its hotel-based Cabana for 10+ events, where women discuss issues like body image (in bathing suits!). “Boundaries” was the topic of a new LA-based event. Co-founder Cindy Truong is planning a Costa Rica retreat. (The 2022 retreat was in Sedona and included hiking and business workshops.) An SOS member launched a book club in 2023.

Adds Nancy A Shenker, who joined SOS soon after its founding, “I’ve belonged to many women’s groups over the years and swore most of them off because I didn’t have the time or I felt everyone was sugar-coating their professional lives and forming cliques. This group is committed to keeping things real and transparent. We collaborate with other groups and don’t view other women as competitors. We even have a MAlly program celebrating the men who support women in the workplace. And SOS’s commitment to tech means we can spend more time interacting as humans when we gather.”

About SOS
SOS is a 501c-3 non-profit. Its mission is: “We are a collaborative, inclusive, come-as-you-are organization for modern working professionals. Share your voice, time, and ❤️” It has about 1,000 members worldwide. Board members are Jessica Wiederhorn (Co-Founder), Cindy Lien Truong (Co-Founder), Nancy A Shenker (CMO and Creative Director),* and Donna Palmer, Membership Director*. Volunteers are Lauren Brown (Content Marketing Specialist)*, Dani Donovan (Global Networking Coordinator),* Andrea Pereira (Community Lead, Book Club),* and Joe Frigo (IT Director).
*New role for 2023

Contact: Nancy A Shenker,

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