"Be a Maker, Not a Taker"

Last night, I attended an event at The Wing in West Hollywood. The title of the event was "Building Your Business Tribe," hosted by Tai Beauchamp, Tricia Clarke-Stone, and Antoinette Clarke. Tricia and Nette are twins, one an entrepreneur (just recently sold her media company), and the other an intrapreneur (SVP Branded Entertainment for CBS).

The Clarke sisters are on a book tour, and the book is called, Double Down: Bet on Yourself and Succeed on Your Terms. Full disclosure here, I have not read the book; however, there was quite a juicy array of information to be learned at this tour stop. Here are some of those bites:

Have LISTFUL thinking, not wishful thinking. Make a list of everything you want to manifest, and conquer that list.

What is your SUPERPOWER? It's where your passion and your expertise meet.

Have the THREE C's: Confidence, Cool (have personal style, taste, foresight), Compassion

Know your Tribe. Your Tribe is what will help you grow. Your tribe is:

INNER CIRCLE, THE CREW, WORK SQUAD... and finally, the best few of all of these make up your BOARD OF ADVISERS. Include mentors and gurus in your Board. Check this list quarterly. Remove energy vampires and toxicity. Know your time is valuable, save 1-1 time for those in the inner circle and on your board, and for the rest? Have group meet ups, FaceTime or phone calls.

Networking is an archaic name for CONNECTING.

3 Ways to Show up ready to Connect: 1) Show up as you are, not as people expect you to be. 2) Connect on passion NOT profession 3) Leader with what you've GOT, not with what you WANT

Be a maker, not a taker. Be a value add to a relationship. Bring your Point Of View. Your difference is your POV.

If you want a mentor, ask that mentor, "What can I do to help you?" Many times mentees want something, try giving something instead.

To learn more, The Clarke sisters' book is out now,

Double Down: Bet on Yourself and Succeed on Your Terms

by Antoinette Clarke and Tricia Clarke-Stone.

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