SOS Hosts First Table For 6 Event

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Table For Six

December 5, 2019

Del Frisco's, Santa Monica, CA

Last week, Society of Saleswomen hosted our first Table for 6 Event. The event was hosted by two SOS founders, and had four saleswomen attendees.

This was the "beta" event for SOS, we wanted to see how this type of setting would resonate with local saleswomen, and it ended up being a fantastic event!

The main topic of discussion was, "How to be assertive, without coming across as a B$#%*."

We discussed how being a woman and pushy/persistent can come off differently to a prospect or client versus an assertive man approaching the same client. Some clients are okay with it, and maybe even prefer a sales approach like this (from a woman in particular), while others are turned off by it.

We discussed how it can be more challenging to sell to another woman, as a woman decision maker may be more detailed or may be a tougher audience because of their own pressures.

We also reviewed how geographies and roles within client companies and influence can affect these approaches.

Another angle that we visited was how this same assertiveness can also affect internal company discussions... whether it's pitching new ideas, processes, or career promotions, or discovering who or what supports our voices to speak up and speak out.

We also discussed that in certain industries, empathetic sales people are more valued, and really believing and understanding your product or service is important for this to be effective. The small group environment allowed us all to share stories and hear everyone.

It was a great opportunity to meet and connect with new women and discuss ideas and topics that we all seem to face in our roles. The next Table For 6 event is scheduled for January 23, 2020. Keep checking the site for an update on the location and topic!

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