Table for 6: Marina del Rey

Table For Six

January 23, 2020

Killer Shrimp. Marina del Rey, CA

Last week, Society of Saleswomen hosted the first Table for 6 Event of 2020. The event was full several weeks in advance, and there were enough attendees for two Tables for 6. With twelve attendees present, we discussed the topic of the evening, "Discrimination(s) that Saleswomen Face."

Initially, the topic was to discuss discrimination experiences that may be due to "simply being a woman"; however, most of the attendees didn't feel that they had a direct experience in this way. Many actually felt that there could be advantages in sales with a more feminine approach. Other discrimination(s) discussed were related to age and experience. The women who shared here felt, at times, they had to prove themselves or their capabilities to clients and internal colleagues who believed them to be inexperienced or too young. We also discussed scenarios where we might be experiencing reverse discrimination, or how meeting with female clients or prospects might create a different sales approach.

Attendees represented companies in both individual contributor and people leader roles from around Los Angeles and Orange County. We were able to share stories and experiences from both of these perspectives.

It was a great opportunity to meet and connect with new women and discuss ideas and topics that we all seem to face in our roles. The next Table for 6 is in Downtown Los Angeles, with the topic of "Embracing Authenticity." This event is already booked, but we have other events coming up. "Embracing Authenticity" will also be discussed in Phoenix, AZ March 24, 2020, and on March 19, 2020, we will have a Table for 6 Event in Sherman Oaks, "Taking Your Seat at the Table". Keep checking the site for other events!

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