February 20, 2020

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Contact: Jessica Klepper

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SOS Hosts Table For 6™ Event in Los Angeles, CA

Society of Saleswomen hosts saleswomen from local companies to "Dine and Discuss" topics over dinner.

[LOS ANGELES, CA]: Society of Saleswomen hosted their third Table For 6™event at Joey’s DTLA in Los Angeles on Thursday, February 20, 2020.

“Table For 6 is a fun way to get to know both local restaurants in Los Angeles and women in sales and entrepreneurship roles in an intimate setting,” says Melissa Lui, CPO at Society of Saleswomen and moderator for this event. “It’s an opportunity to come together, enjoy food, and discuss what matters most.”

"I loved the content and the people. Each of us who attended had something valuable to bring to the table as far as experience or stories we could all relate to. I also made some great connections at the event," says one of the Table For 6 attendees.

Table For 6™ are one of many types of events Society of Saleswomen is looking to cultivate. The event on February 20, covered topics like:

• Embracing Authenticity

• Imposter Syndrome

• Understanding who you truly are in both work and personal

This is the third of such events for Society of Saleswomen. The location of the events will rotate around the Los Angeles geography; with plans to expand to other cities starting with Phoenix in March 24, 2020. Other events include, networking, online course, and workshops.

About Table For 6: Table For 6™ meals are a "Dine and Discuss" experience for a total of six participants.  Each event will take place at a restaurant, and a main topic will be up for discussion, with a Society of Saleswomen facilitator. The event focuses on conversation, insights, and discussion around timely topics while dining at a restaurant.


About Society of Saleswomen:  Society of Saleswomen connects, empowers, supports, and unites women in all sales disciplines.

The mission is simple: cultivate an environment where women can be empowered to unify, connect, and support each other in their craft. The vision for SOS is to have a space where women in sales and entrepreneurship can discuss the unique experiences that affect us in these sales and sales leadership roles. The organization provides tools, resources, support, and encouragement through in-person events, small dinner groups, digital access, and forums. All female or female-supportive/hiring members are welcome.