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Founder & CEO

Angie Broughton, Private Equity


Private Equity

VP Data Analytics, Los Angeles, CA

Angie was recently promoted to VP after implementing a new super-CRM for the company. She also spent a greater part of the year building DEI strategy alongside the CHRO and DEI Council.  Being able to shift her focus into bringing diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging into a successful financial services firm has been the absolute highlight of her career.

One of her pieces of advice for success? Learn to properly give and receive feedback.  It is career gold!

To learn more successful career tips from Angie, join us on IG Live. Stay tuned for the date and time.

Founder/ Chief Engagement Officer, Long Beach, CA

Andrea's Advice: Just don't stop. Don't think of stopping as an option. Keep going and everything you put in WILL come back to you. Also, make a plan. It doesn't have to be drawn out and specific, especially not during a once in a century pandemic, but having a plan, having some kind of framework, allows you to know you're at least headed in the right direction. Even if the road gets flooded and you're walking alongside it on some kind of offroad trail, you know you're headed in the right direction and you'll have to detour a little, but you'll get there.

Andrea's tips for Success: Because I don't quit and I think of my company as a business. I'm passionate and excited about it, yes, but I also highly compartmentalize and try to employ real business strategies. I ask for advice and even when I don't like it, when I've heard the same thing from enough un-connected sources, I take the advice and say thank you.

See Andrea on IG Live Here!

Nancy Shenker, theOnSwitch

Founder & CEO, Phoenix, AZ

Nancy is the Media Adviser and Content Strategist for SoS, writing our blog and getting out the word on SoS.

This high-energy fireball is passionate about women in the workplace; writing for publications like Forbes, Thrive, and Inc. with her distinctive POV. Over her 40-year career, Nancy was formerly a senior executive for major consumer and business brands, including Citibank, MasterCard, and Reed Exhibitions.

She’s also the Founder & CEO of The ONswitch Marketing, has written four books, publishes a women’s entrepreneur community (sheBOOM), and is a mom!

Owner, Poland

Wendy is the owner of English at Wendy’s, an English language platform that utilizes the internet, popular culture and English language coursebooks to create a learning environment for all students. ⠀

A great acting teacher of mine once told me, "When you walk out of an audition, ask yourself 3 things: 1) What did I do well? 2) What didn't I do well? and 3) What can I do better next time? and then let it go." Although this was advice about acting, I apply it to everything I do, especially my business.

Hannah Tatro, Gympass

Fitness Partnership Director, Santa Monica, CA

Hannah loves having conversations with new people every day. She loves people! Because of this, she is successful in her role. She says, "Navigating people is the core of any sales position. If you’re able to navigate the way people want to buy, you can be great at sales."

Hannah's best advice: "Speak up! If you have an idea, a new pitch, or want something in your career, speak up and ask for it! I’ve found that my male peers are really good at this. They are a “squeaky wheel” until they get what they want."

See Hannah on IG Live, here!

Demand Generation Representative, Los Angeles

Sheila just completed her Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at University of Southern California, is currently the top selling inside sales rep, having closed $20 million in revenue YTD for Pitney Bowes, and is a current SoS #Swamini Student.

Sheila’s advice: “While you're kicking butt, don't forget to prioritize your health and well-being. Take time for yourself and recharge. This way you'll not only always put your best self forward for your career, but also for your personal passions and your loved ones.”

See Sheila's IGTV Interview Live Here

Birdie Bartholomew, Happy Returns

Director of Retail Partnerships, Los Angeles

Birdie appreciates having a leadership team who believes in her and pushes her to be better. She was recently promoted from Manager to Director and accepted into the SoS Swamini Mentor Program this year.

She is successful because she builds relationships, is persistent, and is not afraid of hearing no.

Birdie says, “In sales, it’s important to believe in what you’re selling. Love the product, know that what you’re selling makes a difference, and stand behind it.”

See Birdie's IG Live Interview here

Office Coordinator, San Francisco

Christina’s tips and advice for success are as follows:
Mindset and self image. Remind yourself everyday that you are a “10”. Have a solid strategy and be authentic. Whether you crushed it or barely moved, you gained “real estate”. Keep a list of all of the amazing things you did and that leadership recognized throughout the year; it will make your promotion ask a breeze. Your word is gold. Live economically- it will relieve sales fear and stress. Keep a journal and ask daily- what worked, what didn’t, and what did I learn? And finally, Get !  

See Christina's IGTV Interview here!

Julia Andrews, Connect2Close

Sales Trainer/Consultant, Los Angeles

Julia says, “Female sales leaders can often feel alone in a male dominated industries, but it doesn't have to be that way. Seeking out community is critical to grow your reach, your network of supporters and advocates and ultimately create change and balance for all women sales leaders.” Julia’s experience includes creating The Art of Feminine Selling Live Experience for entrepreneurs and developing a Sales Playbook with a global company. Her success is based on a combination of her desire to serve first and a commitment to excellence, regardless of outcome.


America Express

Global Merchant Network

Director, Regional Client Group, Los Angeles

Monica has held several sales leadership roles over the past 20 years, and loves the continued opportunity to lead and develop the future leaders of tomorrow. What she has loved most is being able to inspire others to bring their best selves to the table. The tenets of her success are grounded in welcoming diversity, being authentic, and developing mutual respect. Monica's advice? "Get good at networking and building lasting relationships upward, downward, laterally, and externally. Make time in your schedule to build these relationships- it's important."

Hebah Ley, JP Morgan Chase

Vice President/Area Manager, Los Angeles

Hebah’s favorite part of her job is working with local businesses and hearing their stories. She says she builds relationships by “being a good listener. We aren’t there to sell what we want, we’re there to provide what they need. Your clients enjoy talking about what they love, and as a result, will organically share what they need.” Hebah went on maternity leave in 2019, and when she returned, was able to lead her team to double their performance and end 2019 as one of the top teams in the state!

Coach, Los Angeles

Nicole loves her job because  she's so passionate about helping health coaches get their message into the world and find the people who need them. "People are going to do business with you because they know, like, and trust you. Your goal should always be to build relationships and find ways to serve the people who need you using what you know from your experiences, and your gifts and talents. I'm successful because I made a decision. I wasn't available for anything other than becoming the best in my company. And once I did that, I had an understanding that I could make a lot of things happen once I put my mind to it and made a decision. So I started my own coaching company so that I can make massive impact on the health and wellness of the world. When I use my experiences and skills to help health coaches learn how to sell and find clients, then I'm helping the entire world become a healthier place and that makes me really happy."

Sarah Sareh, ServiceTitan

Sales Engineer, Glendale

"You control your performance- no one else does!"

Sarah continues to build success by keeping her eye on the ball, ignoring the hype, and collaborating with others to close deals. She advises to stay true to yourself, speak up, and stand up for yourself- you never know who is listening or who you can  inspire.

Solutions Consultant/Pre-Sales, Los Angeles

Dani loves her job because she sells something she believes in. Her company offers solutions for pay transparency and closing pay equity gaps. Her BA in Gender and Sexuality Studies at UC Riverside allows her to live her passion and educate others while enjoying a sales career. Dani's advice is to seek out mentorship both in and out of your organization; as mentors are imperative, especially to women of color. She says she attributes her success to not being afraid to ask questions, and not allowing mistakes to keep her from pushing forward.

Lisa Capuano, Comdata

Director of Strategic Sales, Orange County

Lisa is a high-performing sales director who attributes her success to being upfront and asking for meetings, the business, or next steps. She embraces the "Go For No" mentality and lives by 212 (The Extra Degree). "211 degree water is hot, but at 212 degrees that water is steam that can power a locomotive." One degree makes a difference - whether in water or in effort, business, or life.

Regional Sales Manager, Washington, D.C.

Gracie’s proudest accomplishment of 2019/2020 was (and still is) watching her team grow and achieving 130% to goal during the hardest quarter of the year.

Gracie's Advice:
Be true to who you are and let your confidence shine.
Don’t second guess your abilities, you can control your thoughts.
If you feel any insecurity or doubt, remind yourself of who you are and the value you can bring to the table.

Never stop growing - always find ways to learn new skills and processes!
"No one will care more about your career than you." If you want something - go get it!

Julie Alben, Coupa

Senior Account Executive, Seattle

Julie is a successful Senior Account Executive for Coupa Software. While she is virtually based in Seattle, her clients are in Los Angeles. Being in software sales keeps her challenged and in charge of her own success. The words she lives by...

1. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it

2. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no

3. If you don’t step forward, you will always be in the same place

4. You are responsible for your own happiness

Robyn Warner-Brown, FedEx

Global Account Manager, Los Angeles

Robyn recently returned from third President's Club trip, completing her previous year at 120% .


Robyn says these are the tips to her success: “Stay curious, create an environment of constant learning, build strong relationships based on mutual respect and timely follow-up.”

Wende Katz, American Express

Manager, Business Development, Large Market, Phoenix

Wende Katz is a sales all-star!!

This Manager of Business Development, Large Market for American Express is about to secure her 10th President’s Club award, hitting 350% of her sales quota!


These are the words she lives by: “If you lead your career with passion and commitment, the rest will always fall into place.  Be proud of your accomplishments but always be willing to learn

from your losses.  If you win every deal, you have no ability to grow.”

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