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Anna Orenstein-Cardona

Founder, Wear Your Money Crown®

ANNA ORENSTEIN-CARDONA was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Brain & Cognitive Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). For over two decades, she worked on the trading floors of various large financial institutions, both on Wall Street and in the City of London. A fun fact is that she once advised Colin Firth in a trading scene for Born Equal, a television film directed by Dominic Savage for the BBC.Anna is an NFEC certified financial educator (CFEI) and wealth coach who is passionate about closing the gap in Financial Literacy. In 2020, she founded Wear Your Money Crown® to empower others with the knowledge and tools to make smarter financial decisions, align their financial behaviors with personal goals, and take actionable steps to rule their finances. Anna is a Board member for the MIT Club of Great Britain and is actively involved in various charities, supporting both children and animal welfare. She currently lives in London with her two very special rescue cats and her Southern Gentleman husband.

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