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Dani Donovan

Global Engagement Coordinator


Dani is the Global Engagement Coordinator, leading our Table for Six and ongoing engagement. Dani has over 11 years of sales experience, the last 5 being in the SaaS industry where she has brought her Bachelors of Gender and Sexuality studies to every work place to positively effect workplace culture. Dani has experience working with the HR, training and Financial Services departments at enterprise-level organizations and is a passionate, forward-focused, solutions oriented team player. Most recently, her work days are spent working with small businesses to maximize their employees’ work life engagement.

On a more personal note, Dani is based in Los Angeles with her two pets, Winston and Winona. She spends her free time organizing with community members around social, racial and voting justice, as well as volunteering as a mentor for marginalized folks looking to break into the tech industry. When she is not working or volunteering, she enjoys her global book club, traveling, yoga, cooking and trying out local restaurants for upcoming Table for Six events.

Dani Donovan
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